Truth Telling

I remember regularly Buckminster Fuller’s words that if everyone would make a commitment to start telling always and only the truth, the problems of the world would be cleared up swiftly. Imagine. I just saw a movie that showed the worst case scenarios with plots of politics, passions, failing businesses all trying desperately to protect their personal interests over the interest truth and the wake of destruction it leaves; but in our everyday lives it is a challenge for everyone of us on our own scale. Truth. It is a relative term, very hard to ever define or nail down, but what if we committed to it above all else in every relationship and in every circumstance? What then? It’s a the most hard thing, but ultimately the only way through I believe.

One Response to “Truth Telling”

  1. Karen Nilsen Says:

    I just read somewhere that the average person tells 3 to 5 lies per day. Honesty is always the more difficult path but ultimately the only path that will expose wrongs and save the world.

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