African Dreaming

It took me 48 hours to get from Nairobi back to my mother and sister’s house in Iowa where my dog has been lovingly cared for in my absence. I got a bit sick right before I left and slept only in snatches all during the complicated hours of travel complications, diverted flights and long airport layovers, so most of those hours I was in a semi-delirium. Every time I closed my eyes visions of Africa, African designs, faces, feelings, impressions vividly erupted in the dreamtime state. Now I am home, rooting myself back into this continent and psyche. It’s confusing. Processing and assimilation will take time.

My nephew is here and asked me if there was one time or event there that really rocked my world. My immediate answer was yes, every minute of it. Every single minute rocked my world.

A lovely man who works at the guest house where we stayed named Agre stopped me on my last evening to tell me he wanted to say how much he appreciated that we came. He said most of the world doesn’t come to see what the world is like for those suffering in places like Kibera and that is how it should be, but for those who do come and see and care, he wanted me to know that it really goes a long way. I needed to hear that. I asked, “Really, you do think it goes a long way?” He told me he knows it does. I was so grateful to him for saying that. It definitely goes in all directions, I can tell it has already gone a long distance into me and pray it does so in all the worlds that we touched. It has been an exchange of gorgeous energy, of deep, dark love.

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