Web connections

I leave for Africa the day after tomorrow. I am exhausted to the core with the intensity of preparations, but maybe also because I sense energy already going out of myself and toward something else. Like the substance a spider pulls out of her body to weave a web with, I feel energy pulled from me and begin to weave into the web of connections that will hold our group and intentions together, and weave our energy into Kenya’s people and projects, and into the greater field of consciousness.Every thing in us gets pulled and stretched. I feel the temporary drain of it, and also the solidity and safety that is forming because of it. There are mysterious processes at work. I hope the exhaustion works to the advantage of the weaving. It puts down the rational mind’s interference, the self-made agendas that might interfere. Hooking into that web is happening.

3 Responses to “Web connections”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Beautiful! I have spider medicine, huge, so I love this image! Reeva and her BF are driving here as I write, and I felt the energy going out to open the enclosure and help them along. Great to think of it as a web, but not to trap, to connect! Sometimes I use spidermedicine as an online name. One Mother’s Day, I impulsively got a spider tattoo–it’s kind of intense, been trying to figure out how to get it removed. Maybe I won’t, though. It’s on my back, I can’t even see it.

  2. Nancy Bundy Says:

    My thoughts are with you – the Greek agon – to meet the challenge and be changed by it. Take care!

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