Lizard and Bird

The acreage I am staying on here in Mexico is home to lots of animals, of course, but is also visited regularly by lots of people. I am thinking that these creatures must be adapted to human traffic, as they are far less skittish than what I am used to. Normally a lizard, or a rabbit or a bird will scurry quickly when humans charge by but I notice that if I stop soon enough they don’t seem bothered by my presence and I can sit and hang out a bit with them. I sat with a lizard the other day for about a half an hour and it was fascinating. The lizard was hyper-aware of me, of course, but just stood in one spot the whole time. At first it was in a posture with its front legs stretched to hold the front of the body as tall as possible. When I started talking gently to it, instantly it splayed its legs down flat on the ground as its eyes got bigger. I swear it was listening. I have had similar experiences with birds. When I sit really still, they will hop closer instead of further when I begin to talk gently to them.

Before I came here I had a dream in which my feet were planted deeply into the earth, like roots of a tree, and my head was high up in the sky, the height of a very tall tree. My body was stretched like a gumby character between the two positions, and my stomach hurt. I’ve been having stomach problems and I felt the dream was telling me something about the ways I stretch myself between earthy knowledge and sky, or transpersonal, knowledge. Something in my system is struggling to digest it all.

I feel I’m learning something from the lizard, who lives as close to the earth as a creature can get and the bird who lives high above it, and it feels connected to the information in this dream. I can’t articulate what I’m learning yet, but I sense it at a cellular level. I am hoping it will help my stomach!

2 Responses to “Lizard and Bird”

  1. Karen Nilsen Says:

    What a beautiful post–you write about nature with such sensitivity and appreciation. And you’re always finding connections between things, which is so important. Our world is very compartmentalized, and so it’s doubly important to emphasize our interconnectedness with each other and the rest of the world. You do this throughout your blog in different ways, and I think it’s wonderful.

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