Travel Gods

Somebody is on my side right now regarding travel. I was invited to Mexico as a guest for a week at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, a truly extraordinary health spa. We just arrived today. This morning just before we left I got an invitation to co-lead a trip to Africa for 10 days in June, another all expenses paid trip plus some. I’ve been doing most of my work closer to home in North Carolina for a couple of years now, but suddenly the gods seem to want me to break away, and I’m grateful. With the broadening horizons of my sense of village I feel already my heart aligning with the beats in hearts of these countries and communities. The new moon was just a couple of days ago. Its new tide is turning up wonders. Change is coming, I’ve been feeling it for some time, though it is one day at a time stepping into the future that will reveal it.

I remember once reading the words, “If you can see the path you are on, then you are not on your own path.” I can’t see where this one leads, it’s a step into the mystery with every day, but I feel life pulling me toward itself and it is fascinating.

2 Responses to “Travel Gods”

  1. pieter Says:

    You’re just the best… Big hug and love to you! Pieter

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