What Matters

I read an interview with the musician Bret Michaels who just had an incident of blood bursting in his brain. He said it felt like a gun shot when it happened. It was an incident that should and could have ended his life. He described that in the instant when he felt the pain his mind sorted out immediately what was important — his sisters, mother, wife, children.

One of my most beloved movies is Love Actually. In the opening scenario they show real footage of people running up to greet each other just after getting off of planes at Heathrow airport. Children meeting grandparents, couples of every age and gender, friends, families running with open arms toward each other, faces full of anticipation and joy, straight into embrace. One of the comments in the background monologue is that when the calls came in from the planes going down on 9/11 every one of them was to people the callers loved, and about love.

Being with my youngest in Colorado right now feels like a full experience of what matters. Sending pictures of her with her puppies to my mother, sisters, nephews and in-laws fills me with a sense of joy in what matters. This is it.

4 Responses to “What Matters”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Weirdly enough, I’ve been following the Bret Michaels story too I really prayed for him, and regard his recovery as something of a miracle. I adore the movie Love Actually. I bought it unseen, and was incredibly pleasantly surprised by it. Wonderful cast. Two of them were in the Pacino Merchant of Venice. That was fun, seeing them in another story. Yes, I love that beginning too. I just watched Peaceful Warrior–twice, in a row. He throws the main guy off the bridge into a creek, which wonderfully concentrates his attention. It takes a motorcycle accident to get him to see what’s important. I didn’t have enough money to buy presents for my kids for Christmas, and I didn’t like that, but I had my warm, loving house, a kitchen to cook in. We made Christmas dinner together and played Boggle. It was wonderful. It’s the people. Thanks.

  2. Nancy Whitlow Says:

    A side note on Love Actually. The deleted scenes (which I mostly stopped watching on movies, because it always seemed like a good idea they were deleted) are amazing. They would have been wonderful in the movie if they wouldn’t have made it too long. There are story lines that were not developed in the movie. It would be great to see the uncut version.

  3. Nancy Whitlow Says:

    Also, what you are doing that matters helps what matters for me because it is a nice part of the day when I read your blog to Mama and we can chat about it and then it leads to other things, or just quiet time together while I read my e-mail. So thank you.

  4. Tayria Ward Says:

    Thanks for the comments, ladies. And the reminder about Peaceful Warrior, I loved that. And Nancy, part of the reason I stay so faithful to the blog is because it matters to you and Mama. So all of this “mattering” is a lovely full circle thing. Love is a circle.

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