Getting Real

I am reminded today that most of my worries and strifes in life are not real, they are imagined. If I pay attention to this moment, this day, what is there to detract from its pleasure?

I mowed my acres today on a windy blue skied day, worked in my garden, planted new plants, went to some friends’ house for porch sitting, beer drinking and great conversation, came home to putz and work and let Jon Stewart on the Daily Show tickle my bones, and now I go to sleep on my porch with the stars, crickets and owls accompanying me to sleep.

I can tell myself some sad stories about the past or imagined future, but if I focus on today I’m in heaven. That is what is real. Past and future don’t exist,¬†anymore or yet. It’s now that is real, and I’m very grateful for my now.

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