Maybe this quality, as much as Love, is the nature of the universe. I am thinking right now of people in my life who express generosity as part of their nature as automatically as breathing. They remind me of what life and nature are about – giving. Earth just gives and gives, stars do the same – no cost, no “that will be $25”, or “now what are you going to do for me?” – but just giving because that is what everything is about! What if we all emulated this? Would we have to be so tense around our borders, protecting what is “ours” and not someone else’s, if everyone just helped each other naturally? I do believe that it is deep down, inherent in our natures to do this. You can just observe it in nature itself, and we are that.

I am thankful for the great teachers of generosity in my life, my older sister being one of the most exquisite examples of it to absolutely everyone she knows, and others who have expressed it extraordinarily to me recently. They show me who I want to be. I want to be that.

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