Earth Day

The smell of sweetgrass on this mountain is addictive. Nearly every time I come home from somewhere else and get out of the car, the smell nearly knocks me down, it is so intoxicating. I live in this heavenly fragrance, but notice it more after I’ve been gone. It is for me now the smell of home and mother.

I have recently been with a dear friend who just gave birth. The sight of the milk running from her breast as she changes the baby from one side to the other is what comes to mind as I think of Earth Day. We are all born of this one womb and fed from the same flowing breast. To war with each other makes no more sense than siblings warring, though that story is as old as time. I wish for us to recognize our interdependence, to love and take care of the body of the mother who feeds us and to find a way to sincerely love who we are related to – which is every one and everything. It should be so simple and so obvious, but somehow isn’t.

I love my Mother, the physical one who gave me birth and has loved me fiercely every day of my life. And I love my Mother, the ground that holds and feeds me and all of my relatives. We are a diverse bunch, but no matter how we try to deny it we are one family born of the same flesh. My prayer today is that we can work it out, and love together the source that binds us and gives us life.


One Response to “Earth Day”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    A visual came to me today. My brother Phillip is volunteering to work, and work hard, for the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. I was thinking of how we–consciously and unconsciously–divide ourselves. It’s as if there really were some kind of significant line that says, “I’m straight, I’m on this side of the line, and you GLBTQ people, you are on the other side of this line.” People do think consciously this way. Then, unconsciously, they think, “And that means I can do: ” (fill in the blank). Up to and including torturing and killing, and for lesbian girls, raping. A form of torture. But this is just one example. Well, there are no lines. No lines! I am Charles Manson, I am Pope John XXIII. Neither extreme is on the other side of some line that means we justify cruelty toward anyone, that we do not have to be respectful and kind.

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