Today life proved to me that there is magic in it. Magic is really the essence of everything we can’t possibly understand about life but still is true, and in its own way is logical and obvious. And magic generally seems to imply what we think of as good. It is beyond reason and rational explanation. It is another realm of reality that is yet mystery.

There is a space between cells, between heartbeats, between beats of time and frames of reference where magic happens. If we don’t listen to and focus upon the space between we miss it. Magic is all around us, and is more real than what we think of as real. I’m listening today. It is quite compelling.


2 Responses to “Magic”

  1. Spark Mystery Says:

    It’s true, magic seems to be possible. I appear to be able to influence other’s emotions thorugh skin contact. Well, calm any way… it’s worked before.

  2. mymagicalescape Says:

    I do believe in magc…in many different forms, none of which are very Harry Potter, but still I believe it is there.

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