The Hermit

In the major arcana of a tarot deck, one of the cards represents the archetype of the Hermit. This symbol points to the need to go deep within to find answers rather than researching externally. The hermit holds the knowledge that cannot be found outside oneself, individual wisdom that is not dependent upon the opinions or ideas of others. As humans we naturally and wisely look to trusted friends or chosen advisors to provide thoughts, ideas and information in most aspects of our lives and decision-making. But there are times when the only real wisdom will come from the interior cave of the heart.

The Hermit archetype presented itself to me several times today in a lively way. I feel it pushing me to my inner source. I love gathering points of view of people I respect when considering life issues; it is fascinating and so helpful. Ultimately however, the way-shower is showing me the way inside. As much as we often wish they could, no one outside of ourself can point out the steps that will lead us to our particular destination. The journey is always a singular one, and the archetype of the Hermit reminds us of this. His lantern guides each one to the truth that lies within.

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