Moon Magic

The Full Moon is staring right in my window, like a great eye looking at me. Strangely I feel seen by it. It’s electrifying. Driving home tonight an owl flew in front of my car and landed on a tree next to the road, stopping to stare at me. I stopped the car and stared back. What do these eyes of the night see? I want to know. There is some magic in the air and I want in on the secret.

2 Responses to “Moon Magic”

  1. Karen Nilsen Says:

    This is beautiful–I love the bit about the “eyes of the night”. 2010 is a magic moon year–after all, we started with a blue moon on New Year’s Eve.

    • Tayria Ward Says:

      Nice reminder about the blue moon year! Thanks. I’m slow at reading because I only read before sleep and am usually too sleepy, but I’m almost finished with the book I have been reading and yours is next in line. Can’t wait! I’ll let you know when I’m into it.

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