I have just purchased seeds for my garden, and look forward to putting them in the ground and watching them grow. Tomatoes, lettuce, greens, and several others as well as a variety of flowers. These little tiny seeds will spring forth with all of this beauty and nourishment.

I’ve been hearing in several reports about the new craze for buying gold. I understand that gold can be a better place to have your money than in stocks that could fail overnight and suddenly you are left with nothing. But I also wonder – what does one do really with gold? You can’t eat it. I definitely am pitifully uneducated and naive when it comes to economics and finance, but instinctively I feel richer and safer having these little packets of seeds along with access to a little plot of earth to plant them in, than I would with a box full of gold.

Wealth is a matter of definition and perspective, and obviously varies from person to person. I do believe, however, that we are each meant to be thriving and prosperous, and that the more we understand about  the ways of Nature and how fully she wants to give to us and provide for us, the more we will actually feel and experience ourselves as wealthy. And the more we attune ourselves to Nature’s idea of abundance and what constitutes true prosperity, the more we will understand that it is every human’s birthright, and will work to make sure every child born has access to their birthright. No one should be hungry; the earth is ready and wanting to provide richly for all of us. How did we get here?

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One Response to “Prosperity”

  1. Pieter Says:

    I so agree that seeds and access to land is all one needs to consider oneself wealthy. We can lose so much in an instant, our health, our “wealth,” but to lose one’s connection with what it is to be a member of this larger community – this living mother earth that wants to live in abundance and reciprocity with us and with everything – that is true poverty.

    Plus, isn’t food one of the major doorways into community, which is only further confirmation of its inherent value? Thank you for re-membering and passing along your knowings.

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