Dangers of Suppression

It was Carl Jung’s theory that an angel, if suppressed, becomes a demon. Rilke spoke of it too.

I have just finished trying to catch up on the news of the week. I DVR the news, so on busy weeks I sometimes go through several days all at once. Ouch. It can hurt. In tonight’s catch up, I kept seeing stories and situations where the idea that Jung speaks of, which I have observed during my life and believe to be true, was demonstrated clearly. I would love to use the examples I am thinking of, but am new to the blog world, so I don’t want to offend anyone specific or get sued. I don’t judge the people I am thinking of either. I feel the sad stories come out of ignorance in our culture and training, and should not be pinned on persons alone, not ever.

One specific example I will risk commenting upon to illustrate what I am speaking of is the sad story of the large number of incidents of sexual abuse by priests in Germany reported recently. I take full responsibility for what I am about to say. It is not to be blamed upon Jung or anyone else, it is my feeling. Celibacy is unnatural to most humans. To ask it is to ask for these kinds of crimes. Humans are born with sexual instincts and drives for a reason, and it is my belief that the reason is not just to serve the propagation of the species. That intention is in the heart of the human only the tiniest percentage of the time when they feel the desire for sex. What are nature’s intentions then?

I believe that when understood and appreciated for what they are, sexual drives are angels in our life that help us to fulfill our humanity. They bring us into experiences of love, intimacy, grace, divinity, pleasure of the highest quality. Science tells us that energy is neither created nor destroyed. When the angel of human sexuality is suppressed its energy doesn’t disappear it goes underground, and comes out in unconscious possessions of mind and nature. We become demon possessed. Words are tricky things because by demon I don’t make a judgment either. A demon is an unconscious angel. It’s all just energy. Consciousness is key.

I think I could name a dozen or two stories out of just one session of news catching up that tell of human sorrows and tragedies that result from the suppression of natural human instincts and drives that then have to go underground, their energy moving into the unconscious. They have to come out somewhere, but since they are denied they will come out in ways that an individual would never wish for consciously; the person is just overwhelmed by the energy. It is so sad. I wish I could help. How can we help?

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One Response to “Dangers of Suppression”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    I love the synchronicity. As you were writing this, I’ve been re-reading Thomas Cahill’s “How the Irish Saved Civilization.” This is a quote:

    “ … we assume that there were characteristic aspects of Irish civilization that Patrick had taken to heart and on which he chose to build his new Christianity. These aspects would have included Irish courage, which he admired greatly, but even more he would have been impressed by the natural mysticism of the Irish, which already told them that the world was holy—all the world, not just parts of it. It was on this sturdy insight that Patrick choreographed the sacred dance of Irish sacramental life, a sacramentality not limited to the symbolic actions of the church’s liturgy but open to the whole created universe. All the world was holy, and so was all the body.” (p. 135)

    To me, this was Jungian, it was a form of individuation, a bringing together of disparate elements into a greater whole that blessed me directly, as these are my ancestors. I shudder to think of what my life would be if the destructive wildness of the Irish had not come to the true teaching of Jesus (as opposed to Augustine’s version). Of course, Rome did eventually take over, but Patrick is still there in the collective unconscious of us Irish.

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