Yesterday I wrote about being shaken. Today, fortunately someone mentioned that I didn’t write a blog for yesterday, which I had, about being shaken. Apparently I was so shaken that I didn’t even realize I wrote it and never posted it! I might never have caught that if it hadn’t been mentioned.

Today I realize that the shake is a permanent one, one that shifts everything; like getting hit by a train or a hurricane shifts everything. It is good, but unsettling. A friend said to me yesterday, “Not many people could do what you have done,” meaning move across the country to an unknown world all by myself and create a life from scratch. I think she’s right, it is an odd combination of things in me that allowed me to do this. It does seem bold, but in another way I was just following – following instincts, dreams, door openings, synchronicities – sort of like breadcrumbs in the forest. But now, after the shake, I think I have to create a whole new posture. Psyche has been my guide, but suddenly it’s as if she wants me to guide her, pick up the reins, choose a direction, make some decisions, make something happen differently. I’m not at all sure what this will look like, but it feels big and real.

“To everything there is a season.” As this winter moves through, I feel my inner world moving toward a new season as well; pregnant with possibility, readying myself for something. I think the whole world is similarly shifting now, literally and figuratively. We are all pregnant with new possibility, readying ourselves to live into changing realities. The old is crumbling. We are forced to take the reins and find a new way forward. And we will. I am just one in the many facing this. We are such a creative species, it will be fascinating to see what we do.


3 Responses to “Shaken”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    You had a dream that you shared a while back about a past life moving in. Perhaps it was a harbinger of this experience and is related to it. It was going to be big, but you felt you would be able to handle it, and your girls (and others) would greatly benefit. As for belonging, we belong in the present. The past is good, the future is good, but we only can live in the present. Not that I am good at this, but current initiations are pushing me hard in that direction. Blessings.

  2. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Sky Light is your guide. Then you can guide your psyche. Thanks for Sky Light, I try to honor her.

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