Do What You Love

A prospective student who is looking at Pacifica Graduate Institute Programs, trying to decide which one might serve his needs best, reached out to a couple of us alums recently to ask some questions. I gave my thoughts on what programs might serve which needs, but then told him that my philosophy in  life is generally, “Do what you love.”  The student wrote a grateful note back and seemed to appreciate that advise.

Then as if to underline the message, I watched my next Netflix selection Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian. I thought it was genius and hilarious. But at the end, just as Teddy Roosevelt is about to move from live mode back to being a statue, Ben Stiller’s character says, (not an exact quote), “Teddy, I think I get it now. The meaning of everything is “Do what you love!” I got a particular smile out of this after just having written that e-mail.

I’ve heard a number of disparaging remarks about Joseph Campbell’s oft-quoted line, “Follow your bliss.” “Yeah, ha, ha,” they often say, “follow your bliss all the way to the poorhouse.” But I have been living this philosophy for some years now, and I do believe that it is in alignment with what nature intends for us. I don’t believe we were created to suffer, or to be deprived, or to deny the abundance and grace that the universe offers to us bountifully. To follow the simple rule of “Do what you love ” actually goes against the grain of a lot of what we have been taught in religion and education.  But I say try it. I feel there is a true path to be found this way.


One Response to “Do What You Love”

  1. ljcollins Says:

    I needed this today, Tayria. Thanks. We went to see Battle of the Smithsonian last summer for Luke’s birthday and I laughed so hard. One of the rare sequels that was better than the original. Stiller and Williams and Wilson — what a team!

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