Self Acceptance

Recently I ran into this quote by Swami Prajnanpad: “There is no weapon more powerful in achieving the truth than acceptance of oneself.” It has been playing itself over and over in my mind. Self-doubt, self-criticism, embarrassment for careless remarks — how does a person overcome these things? We live with ourselves all of the time, how can we not be all too aware of every tiny detail that we’re not proud of?

I had a tiny shift in this pattern of being hard on myself a few months ago, and it has been a revelation. It feels like cool water pouring through an armor onto dry, scorched skin, or a soothing ointment on a self-inflicted wound that would never heal because I kept scratching it. I don’t have a hard time loving anyone, anyone! Why so hard on myself I wonder.

It’s been two steps forward and three steps back on this one, but I’m getting better. I had a struggle with it again today, so it makes me want to say to anyone who ever reads this: Be gentle with yourself, forgiving, listening, compassionate, loving. If we can do this for ourselves, then I think we can do it for anybody. This has to be where peace on earth begins, I’m thinking.

One Response to “Self Acceptance”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Addicts who come to recovery have this journey. Especially the anorexics, who often–so irrationally!–feel unworthy to be in a body, they don’t eat because they think someone else should eat to live. I really think that the journey to individuation includes this piece as possibly the biggest. Great blog, Tayria, keep up the good work.

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