After the Storm, Love

I have had a wild last several days, with an epic length, horrible nightmare with no redeeming quality in it to top off the days. Yesterday I drove into town to lead a dream group feeling like I had just emerged from a train wreck; disoriented, my brain felt in shock, my body all beat up. At least I was not going to an accounting appointment! Thankfully I was suited for the dreamwork if for anything else.

I went to bed knowing I have to sort through the rubble after the storm, with much to figure out. I slept, a gift I do not take for granted. And I dreamed all night long a dream of being in love with a charming, interesting. very nice-looking Spanish fellow who loved me back just as much. We were preparing for travels and going to events and talking and very happy. His family loved me too, and gifted me with soft, comfortable, well made clothing. When I awakened I felt soothed and marinated in deep, sweet feeling states. Thank you gods of the dream.

It reminds me a of when my father had to spank us after we had done something that called for it. He would spank, then close the door to leave us in the room to contemplate our wickedness. Without fail, he was back shortly to wrap us up in his arms and tell us how much he loved us and settle us after the trauma. Similar to the way make-up sex works later in life. There is something about nature that seems to bring Love out mightily after she delivers big spankings, as she did in my dream last night. And as is pouring out toward Haiti now. That country has needed this tidal wave of love from the world forever, but not until it got walloped like this did nature bring it on. I don’t know if it will ever be enough, but it sure is something to see the response.

I believe, with all of me, that when life’s storms come no matter what kind they are, this response of love and grace can be counted upon. It is the way things are. I am surprised that I am always surprised when the love comes to me, as it is observable everywhere, always. But the surprise is part of the beauty. I have experienced this today and want to express my love back. I do love the world.

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